M²+ Methodology

The catalyst to engage everyone

We eat, sleep and breathe Salesforce. Our deep expertise and experience has been collected in the real world, showing us that the methods used buy many consulting firms are often too rigid or overly burdensome and require significant financial investment, while not being attuned to ‘business outcomes.’

Introducing M2+, our core ‘Industry Smart’ methodology, which has been developed over many years to align with the needs of MSB businesses, who often do not have the extended requirements (or budgets!) of a multi-national corporate. Instead, our industry know-how, lean approach and emphasis on success, means we work towards the tangible goals that deliver maximum business impact.

The right recipe. Everytime.

  • We know that one-size does not fit-all.
  • By understanding your processes, people and culture.
  • Before we even begin to even think about the optimum approach, we will make certain that we grasp your goals and identify your ambitions.
  • Crucially, our experience means we know which ingredients are needed to ensure you get rapid results and positive outcomes.
  • All without fuss and inline with your expectations.