Vertical Accelerators

Achieve your business goals faster

Using our consultants’ experience from many deployments, we have built a set of industry specific implementation assets and tools that provide a significant head start to your Salesforce deployment.

For each industry they enable us to reduce time to deploy, costs and accelerate return-on-investment for you. Each Vertical Accelerator typically consists of:

  • Process Blueprints

    These provide an understanding of the overall end-to-end processes for each industry vertical, and include best-practice optimisation enabled by Salesforce and digital technologies. That way we can work with you to quickly identify areas where your business can benefit from Salesforce and related solution deployment.

  • Application Solution Maps

    These lay out the IT landscape within which your Salesforce deployment must sit, and help to identify those complementary Salesforce ISV partner solutions that you will need to deploy to achieve your business goals, reducing the need for lengthy or unwieldy custom development.

  • Reference Data Models

    You business needs to capture and process information that is unique to your industry, whether that is understanding the relationship between healthcare payer, provider, physician and patient, or the difference between customer, billing account, user or subscriber. These data models enable us to quickly map your specific information / data processing needs so that these can be deployed in your Salesforce CRM quickly and in a sustainable way.

  • Integration Maps

    With our understanding of the processes specific to your industry, the understanding of the surrounding systems, and the information data flows, we have built a library of typical system integrations that will be required. For each integration point we have already identified the data that will need to be exchanged, and when, and the best method for achieving this through appropriate technology.

  • Salesforce Application Packages

    This is a library of pre-built Salesforce extensions, whether that is the extension of the Salesforce data model, specific process steps, functional logic and screens or even integration mapping and logic. That means we are not configuring of building this for your Salesforce CRM from scratch, but focusing on the few things that enable you to differentiate against your competition, and thus unique to you.

The above culminate in providing a significant acceleration of your Salesforce CRM deployment, whilst reducing effort and cost associated with custom configuration and development associated with other approaches.

The right recipe. Everytime.

  • We know that one-size does not fit-all.
  • By understanding your processes, people and culture.
  • Before we even begin to even think about the optimum approach, we will make certain that we grasp your goals and identify your ambitions.
  • Crucially, our experience means we know which ingredients are needed to ensure you get rapid results and positive outcomes.
  • All without fuss and inline with your expectations.