Size Matters

Better to play it safe?

The old saying that ‘nobody ever got fired for buying IBM’ continues to echo in the technology arena. On the face of it, engaging one of the Global Systems Integrators can feel like a safe bet. Pricey, sure, but safe.

But we have an alternative view.

Army Units are divided into ‘Companies’ of 100-200 men and women. At that size everyone will recognise your face and probably even knows your name.

Why is this fact important when you are choosing a partner to help you deploy your Salesforce platform?

We think it relates directly to how effectively we can work with your business. We are not one of the industry ‘giants’ and never want to be. Neither are we a boutique Salesforce consultancy with limited resources and expertise. But we are ‘right-sized’ for the MSB sector and working with a firm that is appropriately sized for your business should, in our experience, be the prime criteria when choosing a vendor to travel the road to digital transformation.

We are not staffed by consultants numbering in the thousands. You will not find that the people you were working with last week have been moved on to another project, in another country. Instead you will be able to keep your projects on track and on budget, without the frustrating demands of trying to engage and deal with an unwieldy, impersonal supplier.

Crucially, we are just as capable, inventive and skilled as any Global Systems Integrator. We are also fundamentally more agile and almost certainly significantly less costly.

As part of SLR Consultants, we are a dedicated unit of men and women. We are more than able to match or better the capabilities of any Salesforce-centric firm. At the other end of the scale we are also big enough to provide the scope of experience and scale of resources that are often out of reach to the smaller, independent consultancies.

So before you call in the usual suspects, give us a call. You won’t get fired for talking.

Industry Born.

  • We formed SLR Digital with the common conviction that Salesforce is the best technology platform available to any mid-sized business.
  • We saw that the mid-sized (SMB) market sector was under-served in terms of Cloud delivery partners.
  • As a leadership team, our common vision and shared passion for Cloud technology keeps us ahead of the crowd, allowing us to challenge the status quo and drive real innovation.