Delivering Success in the Cloud

Strategic Digital Transformation

Digital transformation and Cloud computing have been with us for a while now, and most of us, either as consumers or business people, have been effected by the impact of rapid and continuous change it is making to our world.

As a business, you may have found it’s getting more crowded as new entrants disrupt your established market and larger businesses push into your sector.

The need for rapid transformation is well and truly upon us, but it can be a daunting task to begin the journey of planning and deploying a new way of doing business. There are so many vendor choices and technical options to choose from, so SLR Digital helps your business to achieve success by helping you throughout journey.

So, whether you are deploying your very first Salesforce implementation, extending or combining an existing one, or even looking to develop mobile apps or storefronts, for us, your success begins with aligning our goals to our approach.

We know that success can be measured in many ways by diverse stakeholders and teams, so our M2+ methodology, a hybrid approach framework that leverages the best of agile and traditional “waterfall”, is engineered to provide the strong foundation needed to plan and deliver against the departmental success criteria.

Our Industry Smart Methodology and Vertical Accelerators have been developed from over 100 years of collective experience in Salesforce. Our experience across 200+ deployments, in real-word commercial environments, provides an engagement model optimised to deliver rapid return on investment.

In fact, all of our Salesforce consultants have a minimum of 5 years certification. We not only have the experience to leverage and assimilate your existing IT investments, we also have deep knowledge of the innovate software within the Salesforce eco-system, allowing us to recommend and deploy powerful capabilities to support your business.

Importantly, our methodology does not end after initial delivery; we use the same nimble, responsive approach throughout our on-going business partnership.

We Excel at

  • Salesforce integration with complex back-end and legacy systems
  • Rapid development and delivery of mobile apps and storefronts
  • Providing you the tools to make better decisions, faster
  • Delivering results on time, reducing time to value
  • Challenging your processes to make them more efficient
  • Designing experiences that users love

Together, let’s create a connected and more efficient business

  • Our services will help you transform as a company, getting you closer to your customers while becoming a more effective sales operation.
  • We're a company that is able to empower employees with scalable technology, enabling them to create positive experiences for your customers or partners - experiences that build brand loyalty.
  • We believe in the platform so much that we are Salesforce purists. It's what we do.
  • This helps us to attract and retain the brightest Salesforce minds in the industry; these minds are then selected, based on their knowledge and experience, before being assigned to your projects.